Jewellery care

The beauty of jewellery is that over time it will begin to reflect the lifestyle and identity of the owner. So with that in mind, please follow these simple care instructions so that it can be treasured forever.

With wear, the finish will become worn: the matt finish will become more shiny and the polished finish will become duller.

Silver: Gently clean with a toothbrush and washing up liquid or ‘dip’ in a silver cleaning solution. To re-matt, rub gently in the same direction with a green scourer. The shiny surfaces can be rubbed with a polishing cloth.

Gold Plated: Wash in warm soapy water, rinse and dry. Be extra careful not to scuff gold plated jewellery as it may scratch and wear.

Oxidised: Treat as gold plate.

Pearls and beads: These are delicate items so extra care must be taken. Remove the necklace or bracelet before sleeping and showering, and do not spray cosmetic products on the jewellery.

Gemstones: It is a good idea to occasionally check the settings on your rings. If they appear worn or the stone wobbly, stop wearing it and get in touch. We will endeavour to make it secure again.