hannah woodman and mirri damer collaboration

Sea and Sapphires collaboration

Collaboration between jeweller and painter

Last year I was lucky enough to work with an artist on a collection of work inspired by landscape. The resulting collaboration and exhibition was fantastic, and the whole process was stimulating, rewarding and inspiring.


In Hannah Woodman’s words…..

This exhibition is a snapshot of two creative practitioners responding to the very special environment that the landscape they live in provides. But actually it’s a much longer story. It involves over a decade of distilled memories, experiences and imagination running in parallel through a friendship and culminating in two different creative disciplines; jewellery and painting.

The geography of creativity is an interesting one. How can two people working with such different materials find so much common ground in their process? The answer for us lies in the source of our inspiration, the Cornish landscape. We are a bit like excavators, mining a seam of information that constantly stimulates our practice. Colour, light and geology combine to draw out our designs and images. The black rocks that hug the grey winter seas, the turquoise and green waters of coves in the sun and the navy skies of storms overhead all find their way into our palette and approach. While Mirri manipulates gold, silver and gemstones to reflect the structures and textures of this incredible environment, I explore the same themes through paint, graphite and mark making.

Hannah Woodman Paintings

The beautiful and subtle combinations of greys, greens, blues and ochres that are a trademark of Mirri’s jewellery have inspired me to respond in kind, using a palette sympathetic to her collection and exploring lines and forms that intimate those found in nature.

For this collaboration we wanted to celebrate our shared development as makers living in such a unique county. But perhaps more importantly, this is also a celebration of the longevity of creativity. In an age of immediacy, these paintings and jewellery could only have emerged from a lifetime of absorbing inspiration. The fact that we’ve done this together, albeit from within different disciplines, is a testament to the enriching nature that time and engagement plays in creativity.

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