Mini bud set with diamonds, with 1/2 cove ring with tourmalines gold and diamond cove ring by Mirri Damer Cove rings with green tourmalines

Half Cove ring with Mini Bud ring

The beautiful Half Cove ring with two marquise tourmalines and a cluster of sparkling diamonds ( shown here sitting perfectly with the mini bud ring)

Giving you the opportunity to build a mini stack!

Code: COVBD-d/tou

in silver £280

in 9ct gold from £495

in 18ct gold from £850

see Mini Bud page for prices

Pictured below is the Cove ring

This ring is made up of three bands, one in 18ct rose gold and two in 18ct white set with five marquis diamonds.

Code: COV5-18w/r

in 18ct gold from £5275


COV5-18y with tourmalines from £1765

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