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Mix it up – exhibition featuring silicon jeweller Jenny Llewelyn


Showing from 4th July – 16th August

Luminescent Silicone & Precious Metal Jewellery

Jenny Llewellyn is an award winning jewellery designer-maker based at Cockpit Arts in Holborn, London. Inspired by the luminous colours, shapes and movement of underwater life, Jenny’s work is characterised by handcrafted, organic forms of precious metals, combined with vibrant bursts of silicone.


Jenny’s practice is driven by experimentation. Experimentation with colour and experimentation with material, combining precious with non-precious, to create tactile and fun pieces, available in the full spectrum of colours, from discreet pops of monochrome, to full statement colour-fades.


Central to Jenny’s practice is her pioneering use of silicone. Often mistaken for glass or plastic, silicone is surprisingly soft, light and durable, resulting in unique and wearable contemporary jewellery design – a celebration of colour!

Jenny will be displaying colour pop’s in the form of earrings, necklaces and pendants in Mirri’s Falmouth shop – prices from £36..

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Jenny Llewellyn silicone jewellery
Jenny Llewellyn silicone jewellery