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Lua Ribeira photoshoot


The Photoshoot

When in the process of updating my website, I wanted to use a photoshoot to capture the essence of my work.

Many artists are inspired by Cornwall and I am no exception. But while the weather worn rocks , play of light, and rock pools all contribute to my visual language there is an ingredient that is harder to describe.

Its about not caring if the sun isn’t shining, loving a foggy morning, cold icy swims, the silence, stretching my eyes to distant horizons, majestic landscapes, hidden tropical valleys, pirates treasure, celebrating long summer evenings with fires on the beach and knowing that you are surrounded by other people who get that. That’s my Cornwall and I want to make jewellery that captures the spirit. My work is to be worn, loved, and bring something precious in an understated way for people who embrace life. I want to make jewellery for women who would chop wood wearing a dress!

Lua Ribeira

Lua Ribeira is an extremely talented award winning photographer, who I feel very lucky to have worked with on this photoshoot.

Her own documentary photography work is challenging and thought provoking, and there is a raw quality to her photographs that  I love. She has understood the brief I gave her and made sense of the visual qualities that inspire me, and the spirit behind the work!


I hope you like it and it gives you an insight into my inspiration.


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