detail of Dawn French's Crown

A crown for Dawn French – queen of comedy!

I was commissioned by Falmouth University to design and make a ceremonial headpiece (crown) and brooch for the new chancellor of the university, Dawn French.

During the whole process I worked closely with Dawn and the textile and fashion departments at the university, who designed the amazing fabric and and ceremonial gown.

The brief was to make a headpiece that conveyed ceremony but not formality and it was to incorporate the many varieties  of Cornish flora and fauna.

I have always been inspired by the wind swept trees that dot the Cornish coastline, and love the term ” blasted heath ” which is used to describe them.

So I designed an abstracted form based on gorse bushes and blasted heath.

After many test pieces, false avenues and fittings,the final piece was made in precious metals and incorporates Cornish serpentine – a gemstone that is found on The Lizard Peninsula and sea shells collected from my favourite beach..

Dawn looked amazing wearing the crown and she says its very comfortable!!


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