black diamond crown drops

Black Diamond pear drop earrings

 Amazing black pear rose cut diamond earrings. A very special pair of earrings that was low-key luxury at its best!
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multi gem gold with bi-colour sapphire
rockpool ring set with tourmaline by Mirri Damer
super wide diamond commission ring by Mirri Damer
multi gem bespoke ring gold and gemstones
Super wide crown ring with blue pear sapphire
rose cut diamond crown ring commission by Mirri Damer
rose cut diamond gold crown ring commission by Mirri Damer
multi gem crown ring with ruby and diamonds by Mirri Damer
star ring big 18ct gold with diamonds by Mirri Damer
bi colour sapphire cove ring with green tourmalines commission by Mirri Damer
diamond drift drop earrings commission by Mirri Damer
green sapphire torque drift bangle 2 by Mirri Damer cornish jeweller
black diamond crown drops
bespoke tourmaline multi gem pendant