Rough cut sapphires

'From field to finger'

The growing awareness of ethically sourced and fairtrade products and Mirri's own desire to discover the roots of her materials led to a visit to the Sri Lankan Gem Fields.

Mirri can now offer unusual and unique sapphires that can be traced directly back to the mine they came from. 


All jewellery can be made in any of the following metals: sterling silver,
9ct white or yellow gold18ct white or yellow gold.

Due to fluctuating gold prices, before you order please phone 01326619817 or email for a quote.  PRICES INCLUDE VAT


With wear, the finish will become worn: the matt finish will become more shiny and the polished finish will become duller. This can happen quite quickly, especially with heavy wear. Mirri is happy to refinish the jewellery free of charge (postage charged). However, it can be lightly cleaned with a toothbrush and washing-up liquid or dipped in 'silver dip', with the exception of jewellery that has gold plate.

All diamonds used by Mirri are purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict.