The Crown

Mirri was commisioned by Falmouth University to design and make a ceremonial headpiece and brooch for the new chacellor of the university, Dawn French.

The theme was Cornish flora and fauna and Mirri was inspired by the term " blasted heath " used to descibe the wind swept trees that dot the Cornish coastline.

The final piece is made in precious metals and incorporates Cornish serpentine and sea shells.



All of Mirri's jewellery is designed and made in her studio which is located within her shop at 8 High Street, Falmouth. She is at work in her studio Tuesday to Saturday.

As Mirri regularly exhibits at shows around the country, appointments are very welcome and a good idea; these can be arranged to suit your needs.


Mirri showcases the work of jewellers Hannah Lousie Lamb and Justin Duance in her shop at 8 High Street, Falmouth.

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